UNKNOWN FILM FESTIVAL is the best platform for amateur filmmakers around the world that provides a stage for short films, animations, visual arts and any variations of branded content.

The aim of the UFF is to discover new talents and possibly create further opportunities for them in the russian and international filmmaking industry. It is the time when young filmmakers can speak to the world and share their works.
Rules & Conditions
UFF accepts submissions in five categories: Short films, Branded Content, Music films, Fresh Blood and Visual Arts & Animation.

Participants are allowed to enter their works in several categories.

The film festival is organized by the Red Pepper Creative- an advertising company that is existing in the Russian advertising and film industry for more than 10 years. Red Pepper already has numerous works that won awards in big international festivals such as Lions Entertainment. Red Pepper is known as one of the most creative agencies in Russia nowadays.

Submissions are open from February to May of the following year. The final selection of films will be announced in May. The film festival will take place on June, 29, right before the Ural Music Night (the most popular music festival in Russia). Filmmakers will have a chance to showcase their works to the open public and create networks with other people from the film industry. Winners of the UFF will be given an opportunity to shoot a music film to one of the participants of the Ural Music Night 2018. Red Pepper Creative will be acting as the producer of these projects.

The UFF will also include a program of lectures held by famous cinematographers. Guest lecturers will be announced soon. Visit our website to get more information about our festival.

Screening of finalists'works will take place on June, 29 in Yekaterinburg in the Yeltsin Center, one of the most famous and innovative museums in Russia. The museum has already held various international events such as public talks, fashion shows and concerts.

Rules & Terms
1. Genre: All
2. Production Country: All
3. Running Time: 25 minutes or under. No exceptions. Running time includes end credits.
4. Production Year: The film must have been produced after September 1, 2016. The festival committee will determine the production date of your film based on the copyright year listed in the end credits.

!Official Music Video only!
1. Please ensure that works submitted are done so with the permission of the music label, artist and a filmmaker.
2. Applicants are required to clear all rights necessary for screening works in the festival.
3. Applicants will be required to organize and submit all press materials necessary if the work is selected to be screened. This includes materials relating to the artist, such as profile text and images.

Formats: All
(Please note, however, that submissions must NOT be sent on DVD!)
All submissions must be sent via online secured screener.

English subtitles:
Required for submissions with languages other than English or Russian.