UNKNOWN FILM FESTIVAL will be held on June 28 and 29 in Ekaterinburg, Russia in Yeltsin Center.

During these two days you will have a great chance to attend lectures of famous Russian producers, directors and those people who have a great weight in the Russian and international filmmaking industry. And this is a real opportunity to become Known and to build networks with interesting people! All events will be free to enter for everyone.

For all the nominees who are going to visit Ekaterinburg we made a special offer for the accommodation.
All nominees can book a room in Novotel Center Ekaterinburg for 3500 RUB/night. All additional information you can get by calling +79097014343 or by texting H6152-SL1@accor.com or fest@redpr.ru

will start with lectures and will end up with the screenings of famous russian directors

will start with screenings of nominees' works and will end up with the award ceremony and then an afterparty with famous russian singers

Ural Music Night – the largest music festival in Russia outside Moscow. There will be around 100 places with musicians of different genres. And this event is also worth to see!
What's more, UFF festival will happen right in the middle of the FIFA World Cup, so you'll not be alone in Ekaterinburg. You will definitely meet a lot of fans who came from different places of the world and will have a great opportunity to spend an amazing time with them and know what Russia really is about.
The most interesting places and events in Ekaterinburg for June 28-29:
Yeltsin Center

First public chromakey on Karla Libknehta Street, 23 and other art-objects of the festival STENOGRAFFIA

Stadium Ekaterinburg-Arena

Courtyard of GCSI

Charitonov Park

Embankment Dinamo

Theatre of Drama
Food and Drinks:
Bar "Collectiv"

Bar "Shalom Shanghai"

Bar "Mizantrop"

Bar "Nelson Sovin"

Vine bar "Bio Shmio"


Restaurant "Gastroli"

"Fabrica Kuhnya"

Cheburachnaya "Vremya CH"


Restaurant "Buro Nahodok"

Restaurant "Hmeli-Suneli" - Georgian kitchen

Restaurant "Pashtet"

Restaurant "MOMO"

"Jang Su" - Chinese kitchen

Ural Music Night
1. Ivan Dorn 21:00 near URFU (Mira Street, 19)

2. NOIZE MC 21:30. Art-object "Great shredder" (Malysheva street, 44)

3. Sansara 29.06 at 22:00 at club "Siniy Zhuk" (Radisheva Street, 25)

4. Emir Kusturiza & The No Smoking Orchastra at night from 29.06 to 30.06 at 00:00 am near Glavpochtampt (Lenina, 39) near the Popov monument

5. Kurara night from 29.06 to 30.06 at 00:30am on (Turgeneva Street, 22) (open stage)

6. Therr Maitz night from 29.06 to 30.06 2:00 am. Gala-concert on Oktyabr Square near the Theatre of Drama

Ivan Dorn
1. Courtyard of GCSI

Inside the GCSI will be a festival "Sound Around Kaliningrad"- one of few in Russia and the only in Kaliningrad professional event that makes an accent on the art of sound. It takes place from 2011. Especially for Ekaterinburg mentor of the festival, Danil Akimov, made a new team of famous European musicians in style of sound art. Program includes performance and master-classes of bending and sound scape from invited musicians from London, America, Switzerland and Latvia.

2. Theatre of dolls starting from 21:00

Young jazz musicians

21:00 Denis Galushko trio

22:00 Alena Pol' and ASK-trio

23:00 "LRK trio"

3. Shalom Shanghai starting from 21:00

Soul and hip-hop

21:00 La:Lee/ Pasha K

22:20 Flora Bichahan/ Maks Udin

23:30 Cheremushkin/ Temnikov

00:30 Onya/ Jezus

4. Kollektiv starting from 21:30

IDM and house music

21:30 - Inablvckdog & MY

22:30 - Lividup

23:30 - Tim Marley

00:30 - Sqncr

5. Metenkov house starting from 21:30

Hip-hop communa

21:30- 23:00 Lovanda/ combination of soul and disco with the breath of soulful house and future beats

23:00- 01:30 Dj Dёnis/ mashup

We hope that now you are googling and buying your flight tickets!

We'll be waiting to see you on the Unknown Film Festival!
We promise, it will be fabulous!

Please send us the confirmation letter if you are going to attend the festival: fest@redpr.ru

See ya!